In soft dough applies to a cheese which undergoes at the time of its manufacturing neither heating, nor pressing. The dough is then smooth even smooth in full maturation of the cheese.


In pressing dough says it of a cheese the curd of which is pressed at the time of the molding to eliminate the maximum of lactoserum, then left with the refining.


In cooked pressing dough applies to cheeses for which, after pressing, the curd is warmed then left with the refining.


In sprinkled with parsley dough applies to blue cheeses for which the color and the distribution of the mold called also "persillage" vary according to every cheese.


In flowery crust applies to a cheese with which the crust is covered of penicillium which gives it a white downy aspect.


In washed crust applies to a cheese the crust of which undergoes, during the refining, washes and brushings which favor the development of a more pronounced