The song continues, “I live in Belfast, Ireland, and me favorite thing’s a hug. Love everything except ticks. Speaking of spending… There are folks who have told me (repeatedly, and without solicitation) that Lola is “just a dog”, and that I’m crazy to devote so much time and money to her care, but, to be frank, those aren’t my people. They can figure it out on their own. Information regarding the lives of Loca’s owners hasn’t been revealed, but she seemingly had … Loca the Pug became a true star of the Internet thanks to her appearances on YouTube in 2012. The puppies in the litter were born on Saturday, August 29, 2020 to their mother Plika and father Jake. But you know what? Well. More about that in upcoming posts, perhaps, but for now, she is better than ever, and my goodness, have we been out and celebrating with little adventures! This was highly request by my sister to make her dream pet, a pug. How did my heart keep beating when hers stopped? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Lola is one of the sweetest pups. 2020? )According to a lot of things I have read on the internet lately I am dead. 5 . I love to eat roast chicken, and my friends say I’m good fun. I can laugh at jokes. Loca the Pug, the adorable Irish pooch who was the subject of a much loved, viral YouTube video, has died, according to a post on the Facebook page for the dog. Yes. Lola is a black pug , who will be kc reg had her first jab and vet checked, she is one of two out the litter so is very spoilt , she is a tiny little thing and very cute ,she has been raised in a loving home with my 3 kids , both mum and dad can be seen. 0 0 Confusing some people, the pug’s page posted a video a year ago about false rumors that the dog had died. Lola The Pug. The video went viral several times; two years after it was originally posted, it took off again after circulating on Reddit. Lola and I are no strangers to the pug eyeball game. Guilt pops up when you least expect it. Trick question – there are two things going on here. Well I am decidedly not dead and hopefully this little video will clear up any misunderstanding in that regard:-))) xx.” Sadly, there is no such message this time. Sleep is fitful, if even at all. But the one thing that I cannot do is I can’t feckin’ run.”, Loca the Pug singing……'The pug that couldn't run' If you are interested in licensing this footage, please visit or contact Raw Cut Clip Archive at This is our little pug Loca. I shared my episode with some fair-its (absolutely gorgeous wee creatures and I need one asap btw) and a family with 6 dogs!! Wow, 2019, you sure delivered some serious ass kicking that was entirely unexpected. I know there are others out there who are going through this same thing right now, so here it is. Talk to your vet. Rest in Peace little one.”, Me and sister Layla. Jet Black beatiful female pug puppy. Ticks are bad. (*clever title courtesy of Dr. Deji). Her adorable and often comical videos earned her more than 190,000 subscribers. 3,000,000 \ 1,000 = 3,000 roast chickens. The small pug’s disorder caused the animal to harmlessly roll, topple, and fall over, which charmed millions. How am I supposed to explain what this is like? 3,456 likes. With many vet visits come many vet bills – and some of ours have been hefty. But I shouldn’t be surprised. And besides. Kate Witham of Harlow (Essex), U.K. came home to discover her house had not only been broken into and robbed, but her precious pug (Lola) was taken too. So as much as I am not a fan of giving LP more meds, these are necessary. They are the best among us. It is often said that, given time, almost every situation in life has a funny side and this book highlights many such incidents. I'll plug LK Kelley's book series later, but I urge you to give them a try before I do! Rolling, strolling, I finally got it right! Other videos showcasing the pug included “Can we have a rabbit?” and “Babysitting ain’t easy.” According to UK Daily Mail, Loca’s owner Mal Orr, explained previously, “One day when I was watching her run I thought ‘That’s funny – I should film it. If you go to your eye specialist, you’ll likely meet a lot of coneheads who are in the same situation as you are, and misery loves company, right? And when I’m closer to that place, I will write again, hopefully with supportive words of calm and wisdom so that others who are grieving such a loss will know there actually might be a light in this hellishly dark tunnel. How can you tell if your pet has an eye ulcer? Wrote one woman, “You will be missed, Loca! Through minimal effort, or even desire, on my part, I am obviously still alive and able to write this, although this continues to amaze me. Oh my hairy word darlings you would have been so proud of me! Loca also has a YouTube page. The love and connection that our animals bring into our lives is unmatched and irreplaceable, and that love just gets sweeter as their faces get greyer, and their bones get creakier. The initial video has had more than 16 million views, and it starts with a sing-song voice saying, “Well, hello my name is Loca, and I am a special pug,” as the adorable dog prances and dances throughout the yard. You can watch the original Loca the Pug video below. Lola is now 13.5 years old, and for a pug her age, she’s doing great. I was rescued at only 6 weeks old. Welcome to the club. During the height of her popularity, Loca even had her own calendar. Memories are everywhere. 3.8K likes. If you follow my Instagram account, you will know that I lost Lola almost six weeks ago. As dog lovers, our hearts sink we hear news about someone’s dog being stolen. But love the bees. We will miss her always but we thank God that we had her in our lives, even though her time was too short. Plus a link to your @. It’s awful here. But Lola P was my heart and soul. May they all have safe, soft spots to sleep, and a kind person to love and care for them, and, in Lola’s case, at least, a quick and obedient mama who jumps at her every whim and command. The message posted on the Facebook page that confirmed Loca’s death started, “Hi all,” before adding, “In the early hours of yesterday morning we had to say goodbye to our darling wee Loca. You will be sorely missed. For example, one post read, “Hey my gangsters, As you can see from the sun shining on my particularly cute little gub we have arrived in Spain :-) But more about that in a second. And black flies. Her wee chum Evil Betty posted the news on her page and I have been overwhelmed by the amount of messages of sympathy and support to my personal facebook page, but I felt I had to post the news here to all her loyal gangsters,” the post continued. Thank you for sharing her with us. But I’m not sure exactly when that time will come, and I’ve been working hard to get there, and it’s clearly not happening anytime soon, so I’m not going to wait any longer. 0. Alas, this is one reason why so many mature pugs come into rescue – some folks either can’t, or won’t, afford their pug’s, often complicated, medical care. enjoying the sun. Lola The Rescue Pug. Capital “B” bad. To help an eyeball heal, you have to pull out the full Monty of treatment and care, and that’s just what we did. Dog – Pug Lola is painted in Special (SBC) Green Flower design. …unless it’s the chance to do it all again from the beginning. A lot of work, indeed. Other than YouTube, Loca also had a fan page on Facebook, which had 25,000 ‘likes’ before it was discontinued. Photo by Wendy11. I was on flipping tee-vee last night. From Wendy and Paul: “Lola is a three-year-old pug from The Netherlands. Feel the sun and the rain and the icy snow on your face. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Lola the Pug EnderBoi07. Well. Powered by. She lives near The Hague, where the parliament and king are so that she can keep an eye on important pug stuff. I guess she wants to make sure everyone stays healthy and happy! Nope. She leaves a legacy that has changed me at my core. Listen. I wanted to wait before I wrote this. i’m sad now because i just find out loca the pug died ??? She loves playing around with the other pups, is outgoing, and is great around children. I’m a mostly-rational, intelligent human being. Exactly what happened remains a mystery, and I can’t help but think that perhaps, given Lola’s confounding medical issues during her life, her death was also, maybe, supposed to be a little bit mysterious.