July 28, 2020 | By Adam Ruggiero. Garmin, the GPS and wearable device company, says a widespread blackout has left its fitness devices, website and call centers offline for more than 24 hours in what may be a … The hack has crippled company I.T., with sources claiming that Garmin has shut down all databases and employee computers to prevent further spread of the ransomware. Company stresses that users' data appears to be … Wearable device maker Garmin today had to shut down some of its connected services and call centers following what the company calls a worldwide outage. Share now: While Garmin assures … Garmin Confirms Cyber Attack, But Says No User Data Was Stolen. Garmin Hacked in Massive Ransomware Attack: Service Returns to Normal. Fitness tech company Garmin confirmed Monday that the outage users experienced earlier in July was a cyber attack but said there is no evidence that any user data was stolen. There's a high probability that Garmin user data might be safe, after all. The hack… Experts have suggested that the outage appeared to coincide … Based on Garmin's description of the attack, which encrypted some of its systems, it sounds like the company was hit by ransomware. (Updated 7/27) Garmin has confirmed the incident: Garmin Ltd. today announced it was the victim of a cyber attack that encrypted some of our systems on July 23, 2020. A gang of Russian hackers may be behind the cyberattack that disabled Garmin’s fitness-tracking services for several days, reports say.. An ongoing global outage at sport and fitness tech giant Garmin was caused by a ransomware attack, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the incident. Garmin has not disclosed details on who or what was responsible for the high-profile hack. Garmin hack: Connect service went down in cyber attack, company confirms as outage continues. Hacker gang behind Garmin attack doesn't have a history of stealing user data. The leader of the cybercrime gang linked to Garmin’s massive service outage is a big-spending playboy hacker with an affinity for sports cars and alleged ties to the Russian government.