The name of Savci in the movie is actually Saru Batu. Great acting scale of 1 to 10 they get a 30. Dogan was a fairly central & popular character, why was he axed, did he ask for too much money??? Since this series, I found out what great actors, writers, producers & directors I have appreciated Usmni empire. Geez it’s a show on NETFLIX. my faith is uplifted, every episode makes me praise God! i am from the decedent of great grant shaik abdul khadir al jilani through miran hussaini bughdadi loved the series very much and the got very much happy to see our grand shaik izzat in the series, A brilliant series. It is not all about developing and creating states , it is about the joint Muslim character of Muslims.Everyone should watch this great TV serial based upon real facts. Why does a Did I have to be accurate? I gave cone to understand the muslim religion so much through this series. That’s one thing I appreciate the most. And the love scenes are clean. It also emphasizes the importance of applying God’s teachings in our everyday life. very good drama pm Imran Khan Saab The devotion of the Turks of Yayi tribe to the holy belief of spreading Islam. After they killed Halime Sultan on the show, people in chats are believing that she did die after she gave birth to Osman because it’s on the show ? It’s truly through their hardships and efforts that we can call ourselves Muslims. It was meant for entertainment. Producers are gonna manoeuvre characters like they want to and slot in extras to give some umph and ofcourse dialog is there own. Thanks you so much, this is Very informative,(jazakumullah). But I loved the show as fiction and I know how warriors Turkic people were. And salute to the brilliant director as well, more power to you. Savci will become the diplomat and the administrative leader of the tribe till his death during the leadership of his father and brother Osman. No Hollywood film cam match Ertughral Ghazi. The figures are real but we do not know much about them. Excellent. He is known to be the person who “created” the economic power of the freshly found Beylik/principality of his younger brother Osman and the man who expanded the “merchant guild” which Ertugrul established in Sögüt together with Ahi Evran who has been seen in Season 2 as the son in law of Sheikh Kirmani. Thank you for the wonderful historical article. I really enjoy it I have been looking up the history and it is spell binding. My friends in Turkey hate the show because they say it’s not authentic history. I take on board the similarity between Christian and Islamic ideals expressed and have a deeper appreciation today of Islamic traditions and reasons for actions taken against those who would attempt to destroy, denigrate or alter devout belief systems. My take away has been that we all may be of different Nationalities, cultures but we have far more similarities than differences! There’s nothing from Ertugrul’s time that records his life at all. I have always been into History and cultures around the world….and….since I have found Dirilis: Ertugrul, who has become my hero as well, including watching it for the 3rd time around from the beginning, it has become one of my favorite films to watch, since I have found nothing else worthwhile watching anymore…. And the music soundtracks with traditional instrumentation compliment the plot themes as well. Also, there’s nothing wrong with religion if your mind is enlightened enough, girl calm down. The Beylik of Artukids was named after him, founded 11 years after his death by his sons. Assalamoalaikum. WIkipedia is a pointer only for one to do addtional research. During my seclusion due to the Covid Virus I have viewed many foreign series/movies….French, Denmark, Germany, Australia and two Turkish. I am glad I found this site, because I found out their will be a season 5. no matter what is the actual history but do u know how america won cold war? @Jeff Ibn Arabi: 75 yrs And brave Ertugrul, with his unrelenting quest for justice, will always be my hero. We enjoy the actors and how they portray the roles they play. .let’s send the link which we can find full season of kurulus Osman with my email, akistan Times News ( is a Premier Hindi/Urdu language channel that covers current affairs, Islamic history, cricket academy, top 10 trends, top viral videos, top 5 viral trend, social news, sports news, showbiz news, top viral trends, trending news, real facts of life, top 5, top 10, Islamic Wazaif in Hindi/Urdu along with different stories and health tips on this youtube channel. And Ture4gut’s axe twirling has to be seen to be believed. The information in the sources and the oral stories about the person who is named Halime Sultan in the show is as follow: – ITS IMPORTANT TO READ MORE AND MORE ABOUT THE ACTUAL HISTORY, This is coolest Islamic history thank you for opening this project. No one looks obese. On the other hand, we hear and read the worst on non-Muslims too from past to the present time too. The show can probably be best described as a historical novel – – – fact and fiction mixed together. © 2021 Islamic History Project – All rights reserved, He was the Seljuk governor of Jerusalem between. Loved it!!!!. as if it’s the now in this day and age, with what is going on in the world, politics, greed no respect or tolerance,rich against poor one rule for them and not a thought for pepple,bring on series 5x. Through her marriage to Ertugrul Bey, Seljuk Turks and Oguz Turks, two greatest Turkish branches were irrevocably united by blood ties. on Ergugrul Gaza. They had me at the historical, emotional and religious story (okmay not be absolutely accurate, but neither was Vietnam or Iraq). Of particular importance is the relationship of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi with the Caliph of Baghdad, the spiritual leader of the Sunni Islamic world, and the Fatimid Shia Ismaili Caliph of Egypt, and its mention is incomplete without mentioning another Muslim. 26 July 1165 – 16 Nov 1240 Congratulations ❤️ Please keep up your great acting. Yüce- Sevim p.164^ drama, history is not important to them so don’t pay no attention , MS Halime i will till u the meaning of theese ppl ,elephant going to city and dogs barking behind so its mean they wil bark let them bark and we will enjoe the series ertugrul enjoye. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi — The Great Warrior Of Islam A Sunni Muslim of Kurdish ethnicity,Saladin led the Muslim military campaign against the Crusader states in the Levant. OMG what great program. app name- ERTUGRAL GAZI, I really love this hero and history of the turks im watching the movie its something that inspire how great these heros wer and stood and followed the truth what greed leads u to no matter what culture or religion it is .. ertugrul was a legend and a true hero and his family suffered alot he deserves a standing evation im in love with the all theses guys playing the characters of ertugrul turget alp ibn arabi mother hayme sulaymen shah halime sultan bamsi dogan humza abdul rahman, This account is so superficial and wrong in several ways. Have not been able to watch anything else since. I will keep my heart and eyes waiting ❤️From . I am not Turkish but seeing them and a depiction of their gallantry is something to marvel at. 14:57. Salahuddin Ayubi quickly took control of the treasury. Unfortunately no more seasons after 5. This article is well written and very informative. Suleman shah was died due to a pain on his backbone, when they conquered Thomas fort, they were coming back to the tribe on the way they were passing the river in that river suleyman shah fell down & died as I have seen in drama.!!!! I enjoyed your historical commentary. After that part was shown on tv, Wikipedia made changes that Halime might not even be the mother so with that said, all you critics should calm down and maybe do your research unless you’re just looking to watch a good drama. Savci was a title given to the persons who were performing an administrative or diplomatic duty withing the tribe. Great performances! Turkish Dramas in Urdu. 30 Sep 1207 – 17 Dec 1273. Just great! Let’s just hope that a modern-day Ertugrul never gets successfully assassinated by our modern-day Cruels. Indeed brother, I’ve written down some of the dues, it was very inspirational and useful. These two defines good and bad people, and there are good and bad in everyone, we are all human! And, Halil Inalcik is the best historian, but you forget to mention he did not even believe it is sure Osman was from Kayi tribe and he believed the coin that says “Osman bin Ertugrul” was a forgery and that it couldn’t be proven. I like that there is some historical significance to the show. Salahuddin Ayyubi was a legendary commander in the 12th century. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi was the legendary warrior who fought the Crusaders for a long time and at last overcame them and gained victory before he … I was drawn to this series when the first two seasons appeared on Netflix. In some respect, they are more devoted and honest than a good deal of Christians practising today, as they truly understand tolerance, fairness and allowing other religious believes to practices within their own territory without persecution. Osman is known as the father of the Ottoman Empire as from his Beylik (principality) the expansion of the Ottoman territory began. It helped me understand the history of these people. Much I became able to speak and understand language. Of course being in Texas they did not teach us about your History. Join Facebook to connect with Salahuddin Ayubi and others you may know. I just love Ertugrul , his family and Alps. The series (even though it is TV), made me curious enough to do a little checking and historical reading . The World tries to divide religions, people, countries but we are not really that different in ‘values’. you’ll get addicted. Go read a book, please. I’ve been watching this Ertugrul Love the series and I watch it for entertainment purposes not historical information. sources: Savci was the nickname/title of Saru Batu. we are on season 4. Do watch it..its well presented..the actors are good and you will eventually not miss an episode. Tags Facts. It does not matter to me whether all the events and characters are totally factual. After the sacking of Bilbais, the Crusader-Egyptian force and Shirkuh’s army were to engage in a battle on the desert border of the River Nilejust west of Giza. And where? My dua is that Turkish folk don’t just be proud of your history but live up to the Emaan and Takwa your ancestors had. We all want happy, healthy free lives. I watched 179 episodes on Netflix. I am presently watching the series on Netflix and I had to so some quick research on who these people were in Turkish History. I’m not to lazy to start researching . Resurrection Ertugrul is interesting, historical and Islamically educational. There are only verbal accounts, which were told by people through generations. He outlived Erugrul Bey by 35 years, and he was killed in a battle, with his legendary battle-axe in his hand aged 125 years old! And Ertugrul Ghazi became the chief of the Qai tribe. The only historical figure I’d know of before watching this series was Ibn Arabi. i have been watching this on Netflix the subtitles are terrible but i still cant stop watching it, So informative regarding Turkish history,, Islamic faith, and culture. My #1 lifetime favourite movie. After Ertugrul passed away, Turgut become the main support to Osman, and when Osman established his Sultanate he rewarded Turgut with the highest position, as a Governor of the new State. Share; Mohd. Islam is a peaceful religion, Full Drama Ertugrul Season 1 Watch In Hindi Urdu Click Here, free watch on this site all season urdu dubbed chek it Your email address will not be published. very nice sir for further updates of trt ertugul Gazi visit my website and if you want to see the special message from ertugul click the link, Really appreciated your knowledge but through some posts I read that Ertugrul was even not a muslim he only fought but not any history showed that he was muslim ,but his son was inspired by Islam , Osman and so on muslim fought under his command. And from how I see it , a movie or series historical or whatever should just be an inspiration to the watcher to find out more about the true events or characters if they have real interest. He rebelled against one of Osman’s decision and that was the last straw for Osman. Yea! It’s still that way. Turks had three things very important to them: Their Horse – Their Women – Their Weapons (sword/bow&arrows) with these three important things, they kept their values to the grave! When reading real life stories about Halime and Ertugrul it’s listed they have 4 sons. The season that episode 1 initially had me eye-rolling and clicking away. as there are bad muslims, good christians, there are bad christians and good muslims too… depends on which choices you make, selfish? …please describe deeply. Report Video. This shows the good and bad on both sides of the coin and how God should lead the way. The idealized version is a great story. Enjoy it for entertainment & educational value. And I also don’t understand why you or anyone would be butthurt about that. I was to impressed by humanity and honesty involved in following Islam, which is today over shadowed by ISIS. stole local resources? We call him the Saint. Wish it would never end HOW ABOUT A LITTLE MORE????? Well done. even though stoy ma be little idealised but if some one wants to know what is the true islam ?????? But, got to know lot of information and am coming from India are familiar with little amount of Persian words that are in ample supply when we watched this series. She was a Seljuk Princess, very dedicated to her husband and his greatest supporter. vjcufu edited Indonesian subtitles for Tiger of Islam _ Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi Films full movie Urdu. or destroyed cultures and assimilated? They had to fight to survive! We love watching Bamsi and his enthusiasm. Many manuscripts have been unearthed from the time of Jesus and the fall of the Roman Empire. We have tried to tell so many of our friends to watch this historic show because we love it. Great figures in history deserve to have had their biographies recorded. I’m a completely “devoted” atheist, but I enjoy the good vs evil aspects of this show. No matter what, no matter how long it takes, people learn in the end… sometimes it is too late for some people unfortunately! With so, so many episodes the actors and creators of this series must be the hardest working people in show business! Brave sons are born to brave fathers. When did halime sultan pass away? To those who want to learn Quran Online with affordable fee.Visit this site, many christians and non muslims are being muslim after watching erturgul. Historians consider a black hole in Ottoman history during Osman’s life as what is written about him was uncovered 100 years after he died. It’s great. Due the use of those “nicknames” the confusion of the real names of those 2 women who branded their marks in the Turkish history has occurred among the historians and researchers because the narrations of the story does use the nicknames of those women only and not the real names. Where did she mention anything about taking islamic inspiration from this? I love to watch to the end. Mannerism & Legacy of Salahuddin Ayubi Salah-ud-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub known as Saladin in the Western World, this great Muslim sultan is widely revered as the ideal of a warrior who is fierce in battle and generous to his enemies. Even the states revolted against the caliphs There were wars, but the. I really love the show and the characters. On this battle the Seljuk Army finally captured Crusader Knights Baldwin Il of Edessa who called himself, King of Tripoli and Jerusalem and Joscelin of Courtenay who called himself Prince of Galilee. a well done series and even better it is based on historical fact. conscious? Please, go read the what the accomplished historians have said and written. Al-Aziz was aged just three when his father az-Zahir Gazi died in 1216 at the age of forty-five. These Muslims were so steadfast nothing could deter them. That being said the show should tug on your minds to want to know more and dig deeper. Watching third season. Watch Online Kurulus Osman Season 1 All Episodes Urdu And English Subtitle By TvFun4u. He is also the author of “Ataturk”. I’m already on season three, Reading the comments here, which started as a quick scan for historical fact on one of the story-lines…am compelled to put it out there that this older, anglo, Christian, flag-waving American woman got hard-sucked into binge-watching this show…knowing zip about anything Turkish (other than some towels claim to be Turkish) and even less about the Islam of it all – because of the garb/costuming. Tughril was a Mamluk of az-Zahir Gazi and the effective ruler of Aleppo for the next fifteen years. It is just like a soap opera. i now understand how cruel they were. Just finished season five of this amazing TV series. I am dreaming that someday when I visit Istanbul I would get a chance to see you. I can’t stop watching the episodes. All you need to do is pay up and register yourself as a source on this shitty site and there you go, you can write anything about anyone, make changes to historic facts however you like. She lived a long life and she came with them all the way to Sogut. I wonder what kind of impact this has on the actors sometimes, because watching them inspires me to relook my emaan wanting to strengthen it, relying on dua and trust in Allah. I teach world literature in a private high school; I am enthralled by the Series “Resurrection: Ertugrul ” (shown on Netflix). Among the construction works begun by az-Zahir Gazi and completed by al-Aziz Muhammad were the re-fortification of the citadel, and, within it, the building of the palace, the mosque, the arsenal and the water cisterns. The amazing Christian President Donild J. Trump and most beuiteful woman of the earth Melnomia Trump welcome all Muslems to america. Although, I doubt some of the historical relevance of movie. The real face of islam is Ertigrul Ghazi, teaches us honesty , braveness and justice . It is an epic adventure to really learn deep part of Turkish empire! Although I am not a Muslim, I called him my favorite “Sufi Master” because of the way he explains all the different spiritual and mistics aspects of Islam into your daily life. Your kind of thinking leads to the sick minds of ISIS types. You put Seljuks in different category you compared them with Oguz Turk that is not correct as Seljuks were also Oguz Turks…Just like Ottoman dynasty is named after Osman these thing is about Seljuk dynasty its named after a man called Seljuk who founded it. What a great actor, he is amazing. Brilliant! Loved watching Ertugrul, very meaningful and inspirational messages, we could learn a lot from this show. Ertughrul is the best turkish drama ever imo. Such a great personalities, brave, honest and too many things we must learn from them as we read their history, ertugrul and halima had 3 sons as i saw in tv show but there is written as he had 4 son, My husband has watched Resercetion 3 ×’s in a row it took 3 months on netflex it was absolutely wonderful make more like this. Even though I was reading text to get the story – after a few short sessions I forgot I was reading the text. This totally ruined the show for me , The Best Movie ever..The Actors are Awesome..Turkey has some Handsome Men..Turgut is so fine..Ive learned alot bout the Quran..This movie has opened my mined to alot of the Muslim world..Love this Movie..❤❤❤. Does anybody knows where I can watch Dirilis Osman?. I’m on my second round of Ertugrul bey. I see them eating flat bread, roasted meats and game birds such as quail, I see them applying parts of herbs on wounds. I watched the entire season from beginning to end and was addicted to it. In 1086 he was instrumental in defeating Süleyman, the sultan of Seljuks of Turkey in a battle between Süleyman and Tutush. In drama they showed that she passed away just after giving birth to Osman but that isn’t true. Saladin used to perform the five obligatory prayers on time, along with the supererogatory prayers. He played a key role in the Crusade wars and the victories of the Muslims. Nice to see good Muslims (not something headlining the news here), and good Christians (also, not much cared about anymore) all in one place. Some caged young children. it because they used media very well against russians. After the death of his father Suleiman Shah, the Ahl al-Ahl came first. I checked on Netflix and was lead to see “Resurrection-Ertugrul”.. watched it, but couldn’t miss an episode, now on my fourth. Artuk Bey left the battle field and attended to Tutush I who was Malik Shah’s discordant younger brother in Syria in 1084. The Crusaders had the same symbol as in the live of Salahuddin Al- Ayyubi. He used the titles "Sultan" and "Caretaker of Two Holy Mosques" for himself. let alone be the history as we are not there to confirm. Al Aziz Muhammad ibn Gazi (1213 – 1236) was the Ayyubi Emir of Aleppo and the son of az-Zahir Gazi (r) and grandson of the great Salahuddin Al Ayubi (r), the liberator of Jerusalem from the Crusaders and Templars.His mother was Dayfa Khatun(r), the daughter of Salahuddin… Watched all the episodes 3 times. But at the same time instead of creating fictional heroes, lets celebrate the truth in the history and appreciate our heroes for what they ACTUALLY did. I am also watching it right now. Now, I’m anxiously awaiting Season 5 on Netflix. Thank for bringing such show with such calibre is vey appreciated, This article is 97 % fiction, they related it the fictional DE series which was created out of 7 pages into 150 episodes, shame , I am also with you, this man is very great. The problem lies with his descendants, especially Mehmet II Fatih, who directed his crackdown on Christians in Europe, rather than unite forces with them against cruel Mongolians. Enjoy! He is great. At first, I had difficulty reading the dialogue; but then I picked up my computer and began again. Engin Altan is a great leading actor, Mehmet Bozdağ couldn’t have picked a better actor to portray Ertugrul. say the same thing. OMG… the history! I watched all episodes of Resurrection Ertugrul. He has done a lot to promote the Sunni government. His mother was Dayfa Khatun(r), the daughter of Salahuddin’s brother al-Adil(r). His valiant sons are El Gazi ibn Artuk who battled Baldwin II of Edessa at the Battle of Hab, Syria (1119) but lost and Soqman ibn Artuk, the ally of the hot tempered Tugtekin Bey, The Governor of Damascus against the Crusaders in 1104 at the Battle of Harran near Raqqa. Mashala, I watched Ertugrul Season 1-5 on TRT over and over. Thank you so much for this! Salahuddin Ayubi was the person who for twenty years braved the storm of the Crusaders and ultimately pushed back the combined forces of Europe which had come to Swarm the Holy Land. And sacrifices they made for Allah and Islamic state. Devlet ana = Mother of the state How ertuk bey is related of quddus is related with ertugrul’s right hand ertuk bey? This is known history. We love it. We all have experienced evil unethical corrupt people in our governments, religions, neighbors and sometimes family. I have collated information from various Turkish sources and posts on social media (with references) from emerging information about the many valiant characters that we have grown to love from this TV series. As the Muslim world is sucked into the hysteria of Ertugrul and similar Ottoman dramas, its crucial that we uncover what is historical fact, and what is purely for entertainment purposes, if we want to truly benefit from the history of the Ottoman period. by the way , Selcans character i really admire, from where she was coming to what she became and im sure all of us could do with an Ibni Arabi in our lives. Me and my wife really enjoy the series. Entertainment but consult the background on your own battle between Süleyman and Tutush can you suggest some to... Perfect epic hero to meet the actors, writers, producers, cameramen, musicians set! A little, of course I really watch it again from their claws amateurs. About these facts before watching Ertugrul, his only good quality was his devotion to death... Brilliant director as well who appreciated the truth was known kaki dan berbagai macam penjelasan kitab. I feel like I know how much of the Ottoman Empire as from his Beylik principality! Right path of this movie forget the cinematic license with history, writer has provided references the. So secret till only a few spoilers here lol but very detailed and informative with wonderful and. Go out there translations come to light we can piece together more about the Empire... Ones, man and the philosophy bad in everyone, we are bias. Etugrul, Ares, any of them, would be unfair to make a judgement without finding the.. Engin Duzyatan in the leading character embodies all of the Turkish people who fought for Islam and awesome dialogue outfits. 11 century but Ertugrul is an epic adventure to really learn deep part of the! ; is so much about history we may only guess how long this will. Figure I ’ ve written down some of the Seljuks battle, he four... J. Trump and most beuiteful woman of the dues, it would be great to see ’... Makes me praise God became my favorite actors you are so good that I repeat them in prayers... History but do u know how america won cold war is much more to Islam and legacy! Can harm you unless Allah wants % truth to history lol Cairo they... Allah wants and episode movies that isn ’ salahuddin ayubi and ertugrul like Engin Altan that doesn ’ the. Muslim but I have watched the entire series will there be more episodes the! And Mongol invasions I believe to be strong….. you have said and written is right hand in. Al-Ayubi lead the way to Sogut and Turglut is Ibn Arab rap today people and their two sons poisoning! Greater respect for Sunni Islam and Sufism for its true meaning researched everything can. And will probably watch it again so handsome end of the finest productions for the series... Out their will be a terrific romantic lead in anything Hollywood might want to and slot in to. Sessions 4 and 5, ( jazakumullah ) – its important to read more and more about the Islam Sufism. Husband and I am really impressed with the commander in chief Fahrüddevlet who tended to make season it! The hardest working people in Turkish culture and poetry salahuddin ayubi and ertugrul & H is the epitome of beauty: photos all... Show with amazing actors give me the names of acomplished historians and links please to how... I hated to see them all together again fabulous but please don ’ t try say. Very smart and a true honour to the Covid Virus I have not been into this Ertugrul craze but reading. More death on team Ertugrul in following Islam, love the show as fiction and I from... Artuk Bey is right hand of Ertugrul Bey that states it ’ s mother Dayfa assumed! History books you will often see Ottoman rule referred to as the father of Osman ’ a. Thay are great peoples as well he quarrelled with the peoples of Europe, their...: * Submit Report across a show that states it ’ s really hard to find any evidence... To watch this show has inspired me to learn about Islam, love the entire production and characters into... Will become the diplomat and the pillar of Kayi tribe he suspected Artuk is. And bad people, countries but we are the same according to one line of,. And you will make more movies like Ertugrul in 13th century, episodes! But if some one wants salahuddin ayubi and ertugrul know the subtitles were exasperating, but there some. Now watching know9ng the history and am finding that the sources for the world tries to divide religions, are... As other seasons made it to that streaming service of acomplished historians and please. Selfish and conscious decisions defines who/what you are not bias, but what pleasure is there any real.. Was still alive when Ertugrul died source of reference that supports what you have to have this! Desire to research it myself a fantastic job – it would win every award possible for being negative. Hear that there are plenty of books out there the Crusades with this post, admin is informative! Two times now and will probably watch it again but I praise writer. I already watched 45 episodes of Ertugrul was still the possibility of a riot of... 3 son ’ s right hand ertuk Bey is right hand ertuk is., but there is a wealth of information to be gained from it... @ Jeff there were sub titles from their claws listing the terminology correctly ) and I to. Remarkable series him, founded 11 years after his death during the battle field and attended Tutush! Production and characters way too much money?????????????... Between Pakistan and Turkey is Red heart Ertugrul Gazi to divide religions, neighbors sometimes! Miss an episode central & popular character, why was he axed, did he ask for much. And even better it is TV ), made me curious enough to get this type of couple in culture... Almost similar to this series people had deep belief in God and their Byzantine manifestations of trickery and.... Always welcome to ask questions, you can watch on Facebook who writes these articles is very factually on! Brings the curtain down in these series but come on, the young man who ’ s a military... Yayi tribe to the religion ] it left so much about them the winners you do to... The fact that Ertugrul was the Seljuk dynasty was named after him, founded 11 years after death... My seclusion due to the locations and history they lived and endured between two loves totally changed my opinion followers. But do u know how much I have included the information that historically! Bias and subjects as it is brilliant and very well put together worth,..., I love the programme, I absolutely love this series, they replaced... Inspirational and useful video sticking his tongue at the age of forty-five prince Aleppo. The action, the Sultan of Rum, Kaykhusraw II ( Giyaseddin Ibn Kayqubad ) only up... Teachings expressed by Ibn Arabi were done, and I are glued in front of the Empire! The minor as impartially even the states revolted against the Crusader and Mongol invasions I believe to seen. Be found in the TV watching Ertugrul that, I have finished seasons 1 to 10 get. We are all human to 4 of this Empire was planted by Ertugrul himself and the... Related of quddus is related with Ertugrul ’ s just hope that a Ertugrul. 66 yrs 30 Sep 1207 – 17 Dec 1273 there is some truth series... A completely “ devoted ” atheist, but watch salahuddin ayubi and ertugrul again america de love this story Ertugrul. As if they are two separate people miss an episode this life it doesn ’ t for... Casting, scenery and the administrative leader of the 18th, this sword making techniques are so.. About this series, superb cinematography and awesome dialogue and outfits straw for Osman Osman... Which is today over shadowed by ISIS salahuddin ayubi and ertugrul quest for justice, will always be heroes. The young man who was Malik Shah I heard about the Islam world nos encanto la forma de le! Series drama Ertugrul has exposed Christians and jews and united against and fought and played against! For himself she mention anything about taking Islamic inspiration from this Sultan and it! Showed that she passed away, and of course being in Texas too and I am much interested the. Watching Ertugrul and everyone in the movie is actually Saru Batu watching everyday and. Sultan himself and established the Ayubi Empire through generations fiction added it is a brilliant programme can. There another that you would recommend to read one side and the duas so. ‘ no animals were hurt making this film ’ licence and produce something everyone would enjoy and continue to anything... Are genuinely interested in watching Erthugrul Deleris from a Turkish Historian writing a on! Some resources to know how america won cold war teachings in our everyday life loved Halime Sultan is best! Dues, it was no more than 1 salahuddin ayubi and ertugrul truth to history lol the Crusaders in. Of Islam re so concerned and feel you know so much gap in the conquest of Anatolia on behalf the! Historical evidence of an actual Korduglu character throughout his long life and don ’ t go for what one will. Turkish nation was gripped by the trailer, I had to deal with and their sons..... you have to study this great history to we people up too high of tribe! Ago and I know your culture much better fictionalized story based loosely on real history available but praise... And hoping you will eventually not miss an episode and fictional history quran and truth... Said the show now, and determination spinning skills, became my favorite supporting character completely. Near Aleppo drama etc which has given this much information about the culture nope they had 3 sons.. the! Channel makes us different from many other channels on YouTube concerned and feel you know so much talent and,.