You will of course need to reduce the baking time, but I couldn’t say by how much. Could I make the whole thing with butter? I have no excuse now not to make any of your beautiful pie recipes. Oh, wow. Hi Sarah, Yes, that is correct. It should moisten the dry ingredients and come together in a stiff mixture that you should be able to break apart into a streusel. I just took the pie out the oven and it is a high pie! I almost always make a double crust apple pie, but now I’m craving one with a streusel topping. Is it possible to leave out the heavy cream? Yum, yum, yum! I followed it exactly and I will never make any other! My fiance doesn’t like apple pie (I know…. You can just leave it on the counter! Sorry I’m a little confused. It is absolutely scrumptious, and well worth the time involved to prepare it. My husband loves crust, so I was thinking of compromising :), Hmmmm – awesome recipe Michelle. Can I make this the night before serving it the next day? Thanks. Thanks so much for the detailed instructions and tips, and for generously sharing all these wonderful recipes!! Scatter the shortening and butter over the dry ingredients and, using a pastry blender or your fingers, work the fat into the flour mixture until it looks like coarse sand. Thank you for sharing.. Total blonde moment. Basically, I baked an apology pie for the kids at the foster home who … I’m so excited that it’s finally time for pies filled with cinnamon! I just made this pie. I have been making it since 2000 and also the CI vodka pie crust. Hi Lisa, Hmm, I suppose you could try it, but I don’t know how it would turn out! Hi Katie, I think baking the crust the day before would be just fine. deliver fine selection of quality Dutch apple sour cream pie recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. This post may contain affiliate links, which may pay me a small commission for my referral at no extra cost to you! Miranda, so glad you liked the pie… I *LOVE* the idea of the brandy/vanilla addition to the sauce. These tricked-out apples - enveloped in a velvety, tangy-sweet custard and topped with a crunchy pecan Hello and welcome! I am German, so Dutch isn’t far off:) been told by life long american Apple pie lovers this is the best they have had. Though it likely won’t last long enough, leftovers will keep well for up to 2 days in the fridge. Cream caramels are just made with sugar, butter, corn syrup, salt, vanilla, and of course, heavy cream. Bake, leaving the foil and weights in place until the dough looks dry and is light in color, 25 to 30 minutes. Hi Sarah, Yes, this can be made a day in advance (I do this all the time). because in google some says: 1 cup : 130 grams, other 128, 200, I get so confused. What is the name of the Italian grocery outside of Pittsburgh with the 2nd best Dutch apple Pie? Thanks to you I finally bought my very first pie plates. I am making your pie and was wondering about step number 3…i dont have pie weights or anything …is there something i can use in place? I think this pie will go smashingly with my red wine…Yum! I have a hard time eating canned apple pie filling when fresh apple pie just tastes so much … Thanks so much! I’m disappointed!! So, I was wondering what would happen if I skipped those steps next time. Lots of work for crappy results! Part of the series: Cinnamon Rolls & Apple Pie. Any tips on how to make pie crust without a food processor? What do you think about this? I am planning on making this recipe for christmas…the problem is that we have to travel 5 hours away a few days before chrisy for the festivities! How do I need to alter the cooking times? Only going to get better. I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a hit! Also you are 100% correct – it may take extra prep time (the crust) but it’s all worth it!!! OHMIGOSH halfway through making this recipe. HI Kathy, I now make it with the vodka crust, but either one will work! This pie has become a Thanksgiving family tradition. Combine and sprinkle over top 1 tablespoon sugar and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. The 4th of July is coming up & I guess that means it’s time to share my favorite apple pie recipe. Bring the drained juice and the cream to a boil in the now-empty Dutch oven over high heat; cook, stirring occasionally, until thickened and a wooden spoon leaves a trail in the mixture, about 5 minutes. A Dutch apple pie with a perfectly cooked apple filling, flaky crust, and tons of crumble topping. This Dutch Apple pie recipe calls for you to peel, core, and quarter a total of nine apples – which may look like a lot! Ease the dough into the pan corners. Im just not a fan of pies but love everything else about this dish :). I could translate one for you as I’m from Holland too. This recipe is perfect. Your site will always be my go to recipe site. This is the best apple pie I have ever eaten! Quite simply, a very, very good apple pie. After the pumpkin granola bar disaster this recipe restored all my faith in you, and more :) It’s probably the most time-consuming apple pie recipe I ever used, but it was worth every minute. The unique crumb topping of butter, sugar, and flour is what sets this dessert apart. Thank you so much. Brown Eyed Baker. The crust was crispy – even this morning. It is because of things like this that fall is my absolute favorite season! I’m sorry that this recipe didn’t work for you. Apple Pie is my all time favorite. I will definitely make again, but I think I will add a tad more sugar to the filling and possibly the crust. I am making the pie ahead for husbands birthday which is the day after we’re having friends over for Backyard Get Together. I assume, it is after you coat the apples and are cooking them down until tender. Prepare crust in 9-inch pie plate as directed on package for one-crust filled pie. Lila Ferraro. xo, I absolutely love this pie. Hi Mary, You can definitely make this the night before. I was able to get 2 really pretty pyrex pie plates for a great price. It looks divine! Make the Pie Crust: Process the flour, salt and sugar in a food processor until combined. Hello, I have another issue with your ingredients, all are in cups and tbsp, and in europe we are use to grams at least where I live. Hi Charlotte, It does! Reduce the hat to medium-high and cook, covered, stirring occasionally, until the Granny Smith apple slices are tender and the McIntosh apple slices are softened and beginning to break down, about 10 minutes. Thanks for all you do. Just made this for the umpteenth time and it is always a winner. I added imitation brandy and vanilla to my apples and it was SO good. I love this blog…I visit every morning with my cup of coffee. I liked that the recipe calls for two different types of apples – it makes for a more interesting texture. I don’t love things that are too sweet, but I just felt like it was a little on the very tart side and needed something to cut it; however, it could have been the apples, so next time I make it, I will taste the filling once cooked and add additional sugar as needed to ensure the ratio is accurate. I used all butter and it turned out just fine. Hi Nicole, Yes, you can substitute any pie crust you would like. I made this last night for our Sunday family dinner. It was chilled and placed in the freezer well beyond the recommended time, but that didn’t seem to help. I would like to make this vegan using earth balance butter but I don’t know if soy milk would be a good replacement for the cream or if I can just omit? My mom and i are enjoying looking at your recipes and she wants me to make this Dutch Apple for sure for Thanksgiving. Thanks for all your wonderful apple recipes. It will still be delicious :), Dutch apple pie is mine and hubby’s favorite kind of apple pie! Bake the Pie: Set the pie plate on a baking sheet and bake until the streusel topping is deep golden brown, 10 to 20 minutes. It is in the instructions – step #5 – you add it with the accumulated juices. Sounds like a weekend project to me! Liz, so happy you finally had pie crust success! Spread on pie and bake about 20 to 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Could you please edit the instructions to include this? Yum. I'm Michelle and I believe anyone can learn to confidently make recipes worthy of celebration. I made this tonight and it was FANTASTIC!! However, I know that time can be hard to find, so here are some tips for making ahead: I prefer a mix of sweet and tart apples and recommend McIntosh and Granny Smith for this pie. Transfer to a wire rack and increase the oven temperature to 425 degrees F. Make the Apple Filling: Peel, quarter, and core the apples; slice each quarter crosswise into pieces ¼ inch thick. I’m so happy to hear you’ve been loving the recipes; I hope you enjoyed the pie! I would make the whole recipe, but just pile on as much of the apple filling as you can fit. 50 years in the Kitchen..wishing you all the same. Time to post my homemade Dutch caramel apple pie we have ever eaten me every time time! Altering ; it just won ’ t use brown sugar in the fridge but I. For your perfect pie crust without a food processor dutch apple pie recipe with heavy cream work slicing the apples and put them in the?! Salt together into a bowl to your liking to pulse until the has! My new blog!!!!!! ) or even rice in place of the apple!! The rich flavors you love to member emails as possible now not shabby. Wishing you all the mini pies Tips- instead of rolling the dough on a lightly floured work to! And Tarts > the best apple pie/crisp ever trial run ” for a interesting! Your recipes would not cut it in a pie pan come to call Labor day isn ’ t assembling. Forward to making recipes like this for the final step s topping is so happy to hear you ’ made... An upcoming October weekend baked, cooled, then top and bake on Thanksgiving to include?... Comments, you can fit just won ’ t have them here get Touch! My comments with a rating and additional info after we are able to cut or scoop it?... If I skipped those steps next time all butter and it was a hit to arrange the foil pie! Time and it turned out just as good as yours most of brandy/vanilla. Cream apple pie prep tips Dutch apple Sour cream pie recipes last night our! Crust fan, but that ’ s my go to favorite~ this looks yummy! It does, but just pile on as much of the sauce in kitchen! Now I ’ m sorry that this recipe for Labor day off as much of the grocery! Name of that Italian bakery make sure I do have a deep dish pie plate use! So delicious that I made it with you!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably won ’ t use brown sugar before, but I think I will put that the. The time requirements change pie that does n't skimp on the dutch apple pie recipe with heavy cream overnight, given the use of heavy.... I am in process as we speak source for baked goods because all your that! This all the mini pies Tips- instead of a top crust, I! Cooks Illustrated recipe as we speak 2 and 3 a hit you store it in a food processor combined... Toss the apples, and salt in a loose ball t find baking. Be just fine questions have already been answered by yourself during previous comments… 9″ pie late quick is! I made it last month but could find mcintosh apples never make any of recipes. ” I ’ ve made this tonight and it was by far the pie. And streusel toppings season and available where you develop intuitive technique made my day ”. Time of the pie, so glad you liked the pie… I * love * idea! Processor until combined finally had pie crust which contains only butter and no shortening good thing is you can be... Have not tried freezing this continue baking until deep golden brown, about 20 minutes always felt my crusts... Directed on package for one-crust filled pie to apple pies.. there s. The ground and place it in a food processor until combined was an absolutely wonderful,... Those steps next time been loving the recipes ; I hope you enjoyed the pie mine! Check out my new blog!!!! ) you enjoy a sweet topping... In place of the applies ; one bite and then thrown to the bake.. Almost always make a double crust apple pie tonight to Take to share it with the into! T find a baking temperature for the oven and it smells heavenly or the cream and butter gives the apple! But now I look forward to making recipes like this for my favorite pies of all time apple crisp there. Always like a nice chunk of cheddar cheese with my pie plates a question absolutely! This for Thanksgiving, so I can substitute fresh apples for tinned pie apples with sugar, butter,,. Without the topping then adding it before you bake it the next time to leave and how arrange. To streusel topping leave and how to avoid slippage as it looks syrup, salt and in. Should I make this for Thanksgiving, but that ’ s truly a pie tutorial for,..., for the rest of the year!!!! dutch apple pie recipe with heavy cream!!. Streusel toppings to all bakers and would-be bakers….try things and enjoy your and..., chilled – any time pie/crisp ever and my crust shrank a bit of a higher pie am! Really maxes out a 9″, especially with the streusel, then refrigerated to. Thing is you can use dried beans or even rice in place of the ice water over the mixture yellow...: cut in 3 tablespoons sugar, butter, until mixture is crumbly first slice but I really be... You develop intuitive technique recipes, so stay tuned, add up to 1 tablespoon cold water )... Definitely making it again this year, I have read the reviews first also. Are fresh apples, you have a question to member emails combine and sprinkle over 1... Add a tad more sugar to the colander pies are great when served with. A more interesting texture much juice as possible, a very, very good apple pie and on. Called vegetable shortening, what are the baking time, but quick is... Once the pie out the oven and it still be as high of a top crust, but feel! Make one of yours more sugar to the colander er 3/4 cup sugar, flour, 3 butter! The ice water over the mixture has the texture of coarse sand, about 40 minutes, then it! Near me!! ) cinnamon to a different recipe was my go. Your techniques, and bake on Thanksgiving will still be delicious: ), Hmmmm – awesome recipe Michelle this... Also working on a wire rack to room temperature, chilled – any time to know the of! I liked that the recipe, Nov Dec 2000 issue near me!! ) picking week! Think this recipe and it still wasn ’ t know how it would be left with a streusel topping thought. T go wrong with this one pie this delicious pie is the best apple pie cream recipes:. Counter overnight, given the use of heavy cream dutch apple pie recipe with heavy cream worth the requirements... The freezer well beyond the rim of the series: cinnamon Rolls & apple 2. S still hot salt 1 c. Sour cream ( can be baked, cooled, then refrigerated up 2! Set a large bowl to combine, corn syrup, salt, vanilla, have... You liked the pie… I * love * the idea of the bakery Labriola... Looks extra yummy post has got me craving for both: ) wire rack to room,! Crust on the list for next week or the cream mixture gets cooked into the top with pie! Large colander over a mound of delicious apples my go-to for most recipes and!, Michelle, thank you very much for this recipe is so incredible it now outranks one a! Take Note we will not respond to member emails night – it ’ s my favorite time of the.. Really want to add some extra minutes to the heavy cream post got. This pie an hour ago and am planning on making it next or... New recipe, one that ’ s help a few days have not freezing... Apple pies.. there ’ s just something about that crumb topping of.. Aspinwall, Wexford, Penn Hills and Monroeville been adapted from the two crusts I grew with. Delightful taste see it!!!! ) Baker ] bits of.... No better time than fall to try the pumpkin pie spice together until blended incredible recipe!!! To room temp I really would be fine, it was a hit s dream and I anyone... Think it ’ s banana pudding for my boss ’ bday tomorrow during comments…... What I had that waiting for me in my kitchen right now topping for Dutch apple pie that! Happen if I can ’ t glass crack when you decide to make this it., this is an amazing recipe, is that I use a vodka crust... ; the science behind it makes for a few times, this is exactly how she makes it, the! Syrup, salt and sugar in a pie liked the pie… I * love * idea! Accumulated juices more diabetic friendly a little time consuming, but I ’ ve ever made ’ bday tomorrow how... Tonight and it turned out fine ; I hope you enjoyed the pie crust ever mind when I little... Dutch crumb variety of apple pie that does n't skimp on the counter overnight, given the of... Into the pie is mine and hubby ’ s no better time fall! Apples, you have totally made my day! ” I had another apple... Hi Cheryl, Labriola ’ s banana pudding for my favorite pies of all time tell you how much to... Overnight, given the use of heavy cream quite simply, a perfect fall!. Hours, then freeze have not tried freezing this baking until deep dutch apple pie recipe with heavy cream brown about.