In the national regulations, and European, certain cheeses are defined, and some are Protected designations of origin (AOC) that is their naming, their type of milk, their shape, dimensions, weight, and certain technological characteristics as well as the region of production AOC  are fixed. We can give on no account the same name to a cheese from which the characteristics expressed above would be different.

The Protected Label of origin (AOP) is an European sign of identification for the French, Belgian and Luxemburg products. Created in 1992, it protects the naming of a product among which the production, the transformation and the elaboration have to take place in a geographical area determined with a recognized and noticed know-how.

The Geographical Protected identification (IGP) is an European sign of identification, created in 1992. Attributed to specific foodstuffs carrying a geographical name and linked to their geographical origin, the IGP allows the protection of these in all the European Union.